The New Way Of Doing Business

Biz Analyst
2 min readMay 30, 2020


The coronavirus epidemic and the subsequent lockdown imposition has changed the way we do business, making it necessary for us to find a new way of doing business. Many people wish to go back to their normal lives; however, it is not possible to do your business the old way. It is time to do business the ‘new way’, which involves letting technology take over. Technology makes our work easier and helps us deliver better results. The new way of doing business starts by making Biz Analyst a part of your business activities. Biz Analyst has helped businesses grow and increase profits.

With Biz Analyst you can enjoy the following benefits.

• Add your sales team members on the app and coordinate better

• Reduce your dependency on your accountants for key financial data

• Get paid on time by sending Outstanding reminders to all your customers from the app

• Improve your sales performance with the business data derived from Biz Analyst app

• Create entries(add) on the phone & send it directly to your customers

• View the status of each of your invoices, whether is paid, unpaid or partially paid on Biz Analyst

• Increase your profits by regaining your inactive customers with Biz Analyst inactive customers list

• Clear up your dead stock, do better inventory planning with Biz Analyst inactive stock list

• Get Access to data and reports even when Tally is shut with Biz Analyst

The world is changing and it’s time to adapt to the changes and adopt technology to survive and stay strong during challenging times. Use Biz Analyst to stay ahead and face the business challenges with technology and smart business tactics.



Biz Analyst

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