Myth Vs Reality- Clearing Misunderstandings About Business Apps For SME

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2 min readMar 12, 2021


SMEs often lack data that can help strengthen their business. While they understandably shy away from expensive softwares, they also tend to view affordable apps and other business tools with distrust. So today we shall focus on separating myth from reality so SMEs and business owners can make a more informed decision.


MYTH- Business apps are expensive

REALITY- Not all business apps are expensive neither do most have hidden charges. There are business apps that are easy on the pocket and they help you earn better.


MYTH- Business apps are difficult to use

REALITY- Not all business apps are difficult to navigate. Many apps are cleverly designed to make them user-friendly and efficient.

Lack of awareness

MYTH-Business apps cannot help SMEs

REALITY- Business apps can help SMEs make data-driven decisions and compete with MNCs who can invest more time, energy, and finance to get the same results.

Expert guidance

MYTH- There is little to no help in navigating these apps

REALITY-Depending on the kind of business app you use, there is plenty of demos, ‘How-to-videos’, and support available. These will guide you pre-and post-purchase.

Resistance to change

MYTH -Many SME business owners are unwilling to change

REALITY- Nothing could be further from the truth. Many SMEs are actively using business apps and reaping the benefits. For example, Biz Analyst has over 80 thousand active users and this number grew higher during the pandemic.

It will be easier for SMEs to boost their business profitability if they use business apps. The myths and doubts that trouble them can easily be dispelled by a simple trial of the software. Biz Analyst offers 7 days free trial which helps users experience the app benefits free of cost. The best way to bust the myths is to try the technology and give your business a chance to grow.



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