Importance Of Cybersecurity For Your Business

Businesses everywhere depend on technology to function smoothly. They rely heavily on websites, software, and apps which leaves them open to cyberattacks. Businesses big and small are vulnerable and can be attacked either from inside their organization or from an external source over the internet. These breaches should not be taken lightly. Your business could face a loss of revenue, reputation and face a severe setback in winning customer’s confidence. The only way to safeguard your business from such events is by adopting security measures.


The first step towards facing technology wrought threats is using technology itself. You should ensure that your data is protected by advanced cybersecurity measures, which include but are not limited to firewalls, encrypted connections, data leak protection, and ransomware protection. Invest in good anti-virus software and strong spam filters.

Data Backup

Despite your best-laid measures, it is always good to prepare for eventualities. Ensure that you have adequate backup of all your data. Perform data back up regularly to avoid the risk of losing everything in the worst-case scenario. It would be wise to have a backup of confidential and sensitive information offline in a storage facility.


Weak passwords are an invitation to trouble. Your passwords should be complex, of decent length but memorable. It is best to include characters and numerals. Change your password after regular intervals if possible.

Response plan

An incidence response plan is an effective way to deal with data security risk and can help to decrease the accessing the last known backup and restoring it, implementing communication protocols with law enforcement, measures to secure the infected PC, and securing the uninfected systems.

These are just a few measures that companies can adopt to keep their data safe. Many sites and apps have their security measures in place. For example, Biz Analyst- Tally On Mobile app has 7 levels of security measures in place to keep the customer’s data protected. These are complete end-end encryption of the data, user login protection with email access, Admin can restrict the number of devices using the app (Device blocking), access requires OTP which is sent to the registered mobile number, device verification by email in case of security threats, passcodes and complete deletion of data from the system and App whenever a user wants. Biz Analyst is the app for you if you want to use technology for business growth while protected by layers of security.




Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android.

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Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst

Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android.

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