Business Lessons Learnt From 2020

To say that 2020 has been a rough year is an understatement. Businesses and economies everywhere have seen a downwards slump in their fortune due to pandemic related restrictions. The last year tested the world of business in ways no one could imagine. Our biggest takeaway from this was we learned how crucial technology is. While it is well known that technology is what helps businesses prosper and grow and the year 2020 proved how indispensable it is during a crisis.

The lessons learned this year will be carried forward to the next. Many of our users have reported that using Biz Analyst is what got them through these difficult times. This was an educative experience for those who disregarded technology.

Here are a few things our users learned from using Biz Analyst that others can benefit from

  • Access to Tally data, when the tally is shut helpful during unexpected situations
  • Access to business data on a single screen makes work easier
  • Access to sales analysis data helps plan better sales strategies
  • You can get paid on time by sending timely reminders to the customers
  • You can reduce dependency on teams for information
  • Creating and sharing entries from phone speeds up business transactions
  • Giving your sales team limited access makes them independent & improve their performance
  • Managing sales teams visits remotely can improve their productivity
  • Setting follow up reminders means never missing an important business activity
  • Access to key reports is invaluable in making data-driven business decisions

2021 will be a year of rebuilding and a new beginning. We hope that our users and others will be able to use these lessons and build their businesses stronger to counter any unforeseen event in the future.