Biz Analyst- What Every Entrepreneur Needs

Entrepreneurs play a huge role in the creation of jobs and commercial growth. They add to the national income, create social change, and are innovators who hold the key to society’s development.

Biz Analyst- Tally on mobile application has been an asset to entrepreneurs everywhere since its inception. Biz Analyst empowers the entrepreneurs to grow their business, speed up business transactions, and make data-driven decisions.

Here is how Biz Analyst features help an entrepreneur make smarter choices

  • Access to business data on a single screen
  • Get sales analysis that helps plan better sales strategies
  • Get paid on time by sending timely reminders to the customers
  • Reducing dependency on teams for information
  • Faster customer communication by creating and sharing entries
  • Give limited access to sales team & making them independent
  • Managing sales teams visits and improve their productivity
  • Never miss an important follow-up and improving the team’s task management
  • Access to key reports and make data-driven business decisions
  • Access to Tally data anywhere, anytime, even when the tally is shut

More entrepreneurs are open to the idea of going digital and using technology to pave their way to success. If you are an entrepreneur, it’s time to invest in Biz Analyst, a smart technology that works as hard as you do.