Biz Analyst — The Best Mobile Application For SMEs

The Digital revolution is for all types of businesses, right from conglomerate to SMEs, everyone can benefit from it. Most organizations don’t think much about their business tool, especially ones that involve the latest technology and gadgets. Mobile phones help you fit the information of almost everything in your palms. So why not give your business the boost it needs with the right mobile application.

Biz Analyst is one such application. Biz Analyst lets its users view multiple business reports, key business figures, and graphs that let users make data-driven business decisions in or outside the office. Users can manage to improve profit, sales, and productivity with this app.

Here is what you can do with Biz Analyst

  • Access data/reports even when Tally is shut
  • Reduce dependency on your teams for business data
  • Use sales reports to plan strategies that increase sales
  • Send Outstanding reminders to multiple customers
  • Create entries from the app & share it with your customers
  • View your top customers and get more sales from them
  • Improve the sales team’s performance by giving selective access
  • Track sales team’s productivity with check in-checkout
  • Regain business from your Inactive customers
  • Reduce Inactive Items / Deadstock
  • View your expenses, daybook, profit and loss, balance sheet

The times are changing, the year 2020 has been an eye-opener for everyone who believed that traditional ways of doing business are sufficient for the growth. The world we live in relies on technology so it is vital to adapt to the new way of doing business. Business owners who use Biz Analyst give their business a chance to succeed in a competitive business world.

Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android.