Biz Analyst — The Best Mobile Application For SMEs

  • Access data/reports even when Tally is shut
  • Reduce dependency on your teams for business data
  • Use sales reports to plan strategies that increase sales
  • Send Outstanding reminders to multiple customers
  • Create entries from the app & share it with your customers
  • View your top customers and get more sales from them
  • Improve the sales team’s performance by giving selective access
  • Track sales team’s productivity with check in-checkout
  • Regain business from your Inactive customers
  • Reduce Inactive Items / Deadstock
  • View your expenses, daybook, profit and loss, balance sheet



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Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst

Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android.