Biz Analyst

Biz Analyst Is The Need Of The Hour

Are you a business owner? Then these questions must have surely crossed your mind in the last few months.

• How can I increase my sales and clear my outstanding?

• How can I function without depending on my team?

• How can I and my team work together while under restrictions?

• How will I run my business in a world reeling from a pandemic?

• How will my business make profits during such an economic crisis?

The answer to all these questions lies in using technology. The last few months are a testimony to the fact that technology is vital to the survival of businesses everywhere. Amongst various gadgets and gizmos, the world has a newfound respect for mobile applications as they are compact, advantageous, and cost-effective. Biz Analyst has been one of the many apps that have helped businesses, strategize, profit, and grow during in the year 2020

Here is how Biz Analyst can ease most of your business worries

  • Access all your business data on a single screen
  • Get sales analysis that helps you plan better sales strategies
  • Get paid on time by sending timely reminders to your customers
  • Reduce your dependency on your team for information
  • Enhance your customer communication by creating and sharing entries
  • Give limited access to your team & make them independent
  • Manage your sales teams visits and improve their productivity
  • Never miss an important follow-up and improve your team’s task management
  • Access key reports making data-driven business decisions
  • Access Tally data anywhere, anytime, even when the tally is shut

The need of the hour is a technological marvel that can fulfill your business needs while being cost-effective. Use Biz Analyst to give your business a chance to thrive and flourish.

Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android.