Apps That Help You Work From Home

The last few weeks haven’t been easy for anyone in India. Our nation is on lockdown and we have rarely faced challenges like this before. Due to the rising cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 we all have been forced to limit our excursions outside. This means going to the office or any place of business is out of the question. We have to rely on technology more than usual for all kinds of communication. Communication and collaboration barrier that happens when you and your colleagues work from different locations, may hinder your progress. However, with the abundant apps at our disposal, we can tackle these issues easily.

Here are a few tools that can be helpful for those who are working from home

Biz Analyst

Those who are worried about not being able to access their business figures, especially Tally Data need not worry. Biz Analyst is a mobile application that securely syncs with your Tally ERP 9 and lets you access your data in real-time, anywhere, anytime. Apart from this, you can also create invoices, create ledger entries, share outstanding reminders with your clients, and do much more while you work from home. Biz Analyst is available on both Android and iOS. Please visit for more details. Download App from Playstore or AppStore


Zoom is a popular video conferencing app that allows screen sharing and cross-platform instant messaging. You can invite up to 100 people in a video conference on this app. You can also share your screen with your team so they can view presentations or visual aid whenever needed.


Sharing files that your whole team needs is difficult without a common folder. Dropbox will take care of that issue for you. Dropbox lets you store, share, and transfers large-volume files. Team members can add files and edit documents whenever they need them.


Slack is a great tool for daily internal communication for the teams. Features such as chat topics, channels, private groups, coding, reminders, and much more make it one of the most popular business tools used by many organizations.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a business tool that allows desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between devices. This application is extremely helpful when the whole team is working from home.


Zoho Apps are powerful business tools that let you handle multiple things. You can register your attendance, create documents, presentations, and sheets through various Zoho apps. Zoho also has apps for project management, CRM, official mails, and much more.

The technology that we currently use is always evolving. These applications and many more such business tools help us sail through these difficult times.

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